Party Time

The Democrats desperately want a one party system. I have seen editorials extolling the virtues of a one party system, well that was a couple of years ago when they expected Hillary to be the leader. I have not seen an one party editorial in a while. Till now. Mine.

Back a couple of years ago I was still in favor of a two party system. I always thought that there should be an alternative point of view. Unfortunately, for years the only alternativeĀ  has been simply a mouthpiece for nonsense. I hesitate to endorse a single party system, however I see no intellectual arguments against a one party system.

It is my belief that Republicans have a habit of caving into the demands of Democrats. So if the Democrats demand a single party system, why shouldn’t the Republicans give it to them. We will find out in a couple of weeks.

Donald Trump is a human. If something happens to him we have Mike Pence. Mike is not like Donald, he doesn’t inflammatory tweet. He doesn’t call people names. You would think Mike, if the worst happens that would be a change that we can believe in. You have a problem with term limits?

So wether we like it or not, we are heading down a new road. It is not like I am against a two party system. It is just now I see no alternative to a single party system. As long as people continue to choose their representatives I am OK wIth it. Party On.


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