Whistling The Dog

Word Press tells me nobody reads my blog. Well they do report the occasional view from China, or Canada. Interesting combination, I must be rated a “C” blogger. No links from Facebook, where I occasionally post a link to my thoughts. It is a very plausible scenario that nobody actually cares what I think. It may be odd of me to enjoy reading the commentary on editorials.

So I have read that WordPress has been known to suppress viewer statistics. I have no idea if it is true. Also it is said that Facebook does the same thing by suppressing links. In actuality this is plausible. Hillary said that her dream job would be to run Facebook. Think of the mischief she could do. It is very plausible that large corporations would manipulate internet content, it is what they do.

Why? Dog Whistling. I have read that it has been determined that “Conservative Bloggers” “Dog Whistle”. The explanation is they unconsciously spew racist hatred. It is called a dog whistle because they do not hear themselves. I have seen Liberals on TV use the term. Took me a while to figure out what it meant.

So the reality is I have no idea what is going on. It is quite probable that the internet is being manipulated, TV is most definitely being manipulated. So I will leave with a final thought today.

A couple of years ago when I was driving around the Trump Truck I noticed that as the press whipped the hate against Trump more people gave me the finger, I wondered how many people would have given me the finger if I had driven a Hillary Truck. But I had made my choice I could only drive one truck. Yes, many people gave me the finger. I thought that was rather impolite.

So now I find it funny, that when I want political news I go to Whatfinger.com. Supposedly it is “Military Hardened” against nonsense.


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