A Sad October Surprise

“It’s the economy sweetheart”. Yes that is a riff on the Clinton era “It’s the economy st*p*d”, I just refuse to use the Clintonion “S” word. Having had that word used against me many times I do not like it, and refuse to use it. It is emblematic of the tyranny of today’s politics. Agree or prepare to be belittled, or worse. So I will stick with sweetheart. Sweetheart, it’s the economy.

The Republicans seem to be sticking with the positive economy. Funny how anytime the news says that the Democrats are leading in the polls the market drops. It may be a rather simplistic view, but it is what I see. Not really what would be considered an October surprise, but a good talking point.

Typically a October surprise is timed for maximum impact, like the caravan of migrants through Mexico. I just do not understand how it is a political advantage to advocate breaking the law. “Surprise! We premeditated breaking the law”. It is not very often that is a successful strategy. Follow the law. If you do not like the law, find a lawyer. Or buy a politician.

Sometimes an October surprise is a random event. Like the Trump supporter that also was a mail bomber. Although some say the weight lifter was a Democrat plant, I am willing to take this bit of bad news at face value. A fervent Trump supporter mails his favorite Democrats the pyrotechnic equivalent of party popper. Although he intended no harm, what he did was wrong. He will pay dearly for his actions. What he did was to give the Democrats some excellent talking points.

The problem with what were essentially fake bombs, is they could inspire someone to use real bombs. Or that the bomber with fake bombs cold have a real bomb in the mix. That being said, if the worst Trump supporter was a man with a fake bomb problem, then Trump supporters are really not as bad as people say. I like to say we live in good times. I was going to write that if the worst in our time, is a man mailing fake bombs, then indeed, we live in really good times. Then the other shoe dropped.

A fascist, with a deep hatred of President Trump burst onto the scene, killing eleven, and injuring six others. Hate is such an evil thing. A little bit of name calling is one thing. However hatred is wrong. Sadly this brings me full circle. Sweetheart.

To classify, and then eliminate a whole group of people is wrong. However it is still being done. We are individuals. We are allowed to associate with like-minded individuals. As long as we are causing no harm to others, we should be free to believe.


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