Claudette Colvin

It has been a long time since Claudette Colvin was tossed in jail. Her incarceration inspired the NAACP to end segregation. NAACP secretary Rosa Parks repeated the actions of Claudette Colvin to demonstrate the injustice of the rules requiring blacks to stand on the busses in Montgomery. Meanwhile the NAACP organized a boycott of the city’s buses. The financial impact of the lack of bus fare caused the city to rethink the rules of segregation. Additionally Fred Gray and the NAACP brought brought the case before the Supreme Court and managed to have segregation ruled illegal.

I have to respect the logic and the strategy of the NAACP to make America great. For what transpired was a defining moment in the nation’s history. The use of economics along with a legal strategy helped advance what was positive change of the time.

So the NAACP has a great history. Sadly this last week the NAACP has changed. They changed their tax status so that they are now officially a lobbyist organization. I will admit that it is probably to early to tell what this means. However it seems likely that they will now fundraise for political change, or in other words. Votes for sale. There are plenty of double digit billionaires looking to effect political change.

I have to wonder what Claudette Colvin would think of the recent changes to the NAACP?


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