Che Guevara

The most iconic image in the world is of revolutionary Che Guevara. Well, that’s about to change, there is a new revolutionary in town. Trump’s stern visage will implore billions, you want to succeed? Work!

Marxism versus capitalism take your pick. It’s a world thing.

Trump U

I see what you did there. First I thought Donald was being out of touch by picking on the Mexican judge, then I realized that Donald would rather be known as a racist than a crook. All in all, a rather unusual play.

The Wall And The Door

As an example of media bias I will use the Trump Wall. Donald J Trump mentioned building a wall with a door. The media proclaims Trump a racist. Myself, I wonder about Hadrians Wall, the Great Wall, ¬†and gated community’s. Walls are very much a European thing. Where I live there are many stone walls. Renowned local poet Robert Frost wrote a poem about walls “Mending Wall” where he states good fences make good neighbors. ¬†Funny how some of Trump’s fiercest critics live in gated community’s.

My first thought would be the wall would be a great jobs program, secondly it would prevent migrants from dying in the desert. Migrants would have to use the “Big Beautiful Door” that Trump would provide. I had a completely different view of the wall than the media.

If I were the media, I would ask, how long to finish the wall? How many doors. Who would actually build the wall? Then the media could ask or present how walls have affected history. But nooooo! They simply proclaim Donald a racist. And half the population believes the media!

So do I believe in media bias? Absolutely.