Burning Bernie

I feel the Bern. For all the Democrats dissatisfied with their party, they went with Bernie. I understood. I may not of agreed with everything Bernie stood for, but I understood. Bernie was fighting the evil empire from within. He fought valiantly, however in the end he came up short. Bernie Sanders gave a last request to his party as a condition of unity and support. Bernie asked that Barney Frank be removed from the rules committee of the Democratic National Convention. I was surprised by, and applaud the request. Barney Frank is one of the most contentious and corrupt members of the Democratic Party. This would be a reasonable request for the betterment of the party.

Instead Barack, Hillary and other top Democrats closed ranks and totally eliminated Bernie, barely a puff of smoke was left from the Bern. Bernie has been replaced by the partisan attack dog Elizabeth Warren. Resistance from their ranks will not be tolerated. That’s the message, do not forget that.


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