Bubble Heads vs Bobble Heads

Donald has had a rough week. The best I can figure he was upset by what he considered to be an activist judge. Donald then went on a full blown mock attack against the judge. Now this would be considered totally normal by New York bubble heads. However the Washington bobble heads were perfectly aghast. Such behavior may be alright on the streets of the city. However on the national stage it is totally unacceptable. Fellow Republicans soundly spanked the Donald, and rightly so. Decorum is needed on the international stage. If the original intent was to make a statement about activist judges, it was soundly lost in the hubbub of racism. Point given to the opposition.

I actually watched, and read most media outlets reactions about this mess. What I noticed was that Trump’s actions were universally called racist. I honestly do not think that his was a racist reaction. Donald J Trump mocks people, it is what he does. He seizes idiosyncrasies and amplifies them. In the entertainment industry mocking is normal. People make money mocking others. The media is filled with mockery, it is considered humor. Those who are in power mock those who are not. This is normal. Has anyone read the National Lampoon?


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