The Red Hat League

So this uptown New Yorker comes down a fancy flight of stairs wearing a red baseball cap. How absurd. Says he wants to represent me? Pardon me? Fancy New Yorker in a red cap? You mocking me? Politics? I once was a New Yorker, and my favourite hat is a red ball cap. So what do I do? I ROTFLMAO. You mock me, I mock you. I listen, and hear something about jobs. Know what, I support you. So there.

I knew you had golf courses, and asked people I know how many. Nobody knew. So I googled, sixteen was the answer. I like mowing grass, I was impressed.

As for the opposition, I think she does not like me. She thinks I need to be defeated, and that I am a denier. She doesn’t open her house to me. However you may mock me, me and my red hat. The epiphany is that you recognize me.


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