Ruminations And Snowflakes

After more than a year and a half of involvement in this transition of power I have learned a few things, and confirmed a few observations.

I think I was most impressed by the division of urban and rural on political opinions. There is an absolutely huge disconnect between the urban and the rural. Even more amazing was it didn’t matter if it was urban rich or poor, they had one point of view. The rural folks have a completely alternative point of view. This was dramatically brought to my attention with the Trump Truck. On the back roads people would wave and give the thumbs up. On the highway, well I did get the same thumbs up, but I also got the thumbs down along with some vigorous middle finger salutes. Ultimately people tried to run me off the highway. I figured that these people were driving between cities. These traits were verified by voting results of cities versus smaller towns. The denser the population density, the more Democrats in residence. These were the richest and poorest of voters.

Let me ruminate about monolithic thought exhibited by the liberal left. Meryl Streep is a nice recent example. During her heralded keynote at the Golden Globes where she achieved a lifetime achievement award. She put forward a rather dramatic performance. I can only be reminded of a speech given by Kim Jong-un. Based on false evidence, it was a reminder to all media on who the boss really was. It’s forcefullness was enforced by a not so subtle threat of violence. Truly a fascist performance. I enjoyed watching the members of the audience, their reactions were the same as shown by the generals at a Kim Jong-un speech. I am sure these people will remember the joy of President Obama when he had a successful drone strike. In the left, there is no dissension. No matter how outrageous the lie.

There are people that believe all the mainstream has to say. When, so unfortunately, the propaganda propagated by the mainstream left fails to deliver. There is heartbreak and angst. The Trumptards, we, having endured so many demeaning names and labels have come up with a name for these people. Snowflakes. Yes, the people that been labeled Trumptards, and other much worse names have come up with a label for those who have demeaned them. No two alike, they are snowflakes.

When Barack Obama was elected president, I sincerely wished him health and success in bringing peace and prosperity. I also figured life would get better in the west side of Chicago. So far President Obama has remained healthy. Hopefully he will remain healthy for the next couple of days. The peace and prosperity are debatable. Unfortunately for those who live there, life didn’t get better on the west side of Chicago.

Maybe those flyover rural deploratards are not so dumb after all. They elected a high density rich coastal liberal. Let it snow.


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