DC Dreams

I had thoughts about going to that coal powered despotic steam punk utopia known as our nation’s capital for the weekend. I even tried to wrangle a ticket, though I was unsuccessful. I even had a brief thought about about just showing up and sleeping in my car. I quickly realized that trying to sleep in my car in the nation’s capital would be completely unwise. Especially with it having a Trump bumper sticker. That would be a path that I would be completely unwilling to pursue. It’s the realization that I know not the ways of the city that keeps me away.

In any case, extreme climate changes at my place of employment had given a number of coworkers a pretty good cold. Finally I too succumbed to the frigid contortions that I endure in pursuit of livelihood. They had broken down my resistances. So ultimately I ended curled up in bed sniffling while watching the proceedings of the transfer of power. If nothing else, this should give me kinship with my political adversaries.

I wish that somehow I could have been at the Thursday evening concert. It was a unprecedented thank you to the voters. A most brilliant tribute to the Trump voter. An unrepentantly glorious bit of stagecraft that left the soul tingling. Talk about a big league thank you to middle America, this was it. It was a nice recognition for the people that voted for Donald Trump. [edit: MSNBC pointed out President Obama had a similar event]

As I sniffled the following day I watched the peaceful transfer of power. So happy that I live in a time where we have a system where such transitions are nonviolent. True it is a long ceremony, but I am happy that our leaders have the energy and stamina to endure such ceremony. After what was admittedly a populist inaugural speech by President Trump, President Obama said good job to President Trump. Indeed the two presidents spent more time together then expected. I would not be surprised, that at some point in the future President Trump will receive the support of President Obama. In any event, the day will go down in history as the day a business man, instead of a politician, become president. Then the transfer was celebrated by a great parade, and some big parties. Of course my favorite part was the tractors in the parade.

The following day was equally remarkable, a massive protest without real cause. It was called the women’s march. The main feature was pink hats. Although some called it a anti Trump rally it was completely nonviolent. The rally also spawned sister rallies in different cities around the country and across the globe. There may have been a million people involved. I applaud the nonviolence, and support the freedom of speech. That being said, there were many inflammatory signs. The Hollywood left made appearances and denounced Trump. Madonna made an appearance and swore on TV. I think that the point of the rally was a displeasure with some of the words that President Donald J Trump used in his campaign. In fact, I would be willing to don a pink hat to denounce the use of bad words. Unfortunately the radical left takes words and actions out of context and amplifies them until the original meaning is unheard. For the use of such bad words are protected under our right of freedom of speech. The end result is a cacoffiny of bad words. This leaves the majority of people struggling to understand what is actually going on.

It is almost to simple to say that the pink hats are snow flakes, each with their own reason for protesting. There is no unifying theme, just individual struggles. But this is to disrespect their cause, for they are unified in the struggle. It is those that try to take advantage of the struggle for their own advantage that will be the losers.

So it is true we are beginning a new era. For this I am glad. The voters have expressed displeasure with the status quo. And each in their own way, the pink hats have also expressed their own dissatisfaction with the status quo. They are expressing hope for the future. With this I agree.


2 thoughts on “DC Dreams

  1. All well said Bubba! Ever since Aristotle we have been discussing what makes a good life and over thousands of years the universal answer has been happyness. Then all the divergent definitions appear. I’m no philosopher but I’m a guy who has watched and listened and read for over seventy years and I now think Aristotle was right.Happyness rules and everybody, in every case does that which they believe, at the moment, gives them happiness by making them feel good about themselves.

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