The Blue Dress

According to the New York Times Melania Trump’s powder blue inaugural gown checked all the right boxes. The gown was made in New York by a up and coming designer. It was deemed politically correct. For those that claimed the Trumps couldn’t bring the same class and elegance to the White House that the Obama’s did, I think that they will probably be disappointed.

Then I heard the Inaugural gown referred to as a “Blue Dress”. It was a completely innocent remark. However my thoughts turned to a completely different presidential blue dress. I had seen the pictures. No wonder Bill Clinton looked at Melania approvingly.

The following day a million women around the world wore pink hats to disapprove of Melania’s husbands words. We will let’s just say he was talking about trying to pick up a pink kitty. Probably not his proudest moment. However Melania believes in her man. It was after all just talk.

Then there is a case of actions speaking louder then words. The literal stain on the dress.  There was no universal displeasure in the media. It was nothing more than a story of the radical fringe. Normal folks claimed that it was none of our business. I ask, where were the millions of women wearing a Blue Dress to disapprove of Bill Clinton’s not so proud moment? No universal displeasure in the press. No, there is no double standard.

So I do agree with the New York Times that Melania’s dress absolutely checks all the right boxes. However, the press didn’t notice.


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