General Lee – The Ghost Of The Gray

I was at a local talent show Saturday with a couple hundred people in attendance. The closing act was a group of Civil War reenactors. They had the crowd singing civil war era camp songs. It was truly a hearty rendition of the emotions of a very hard era in our country’s history. For this nation, the Civil War created more trauma than all the other wars in our history combined. In my view it was the first mechanized conflict in history. It was a conflict that ended, in this nation, the social order of slavery. It is a conflict that at times seems forgotten.

I was surprised that when I returned home after a long day that I saw a bit of news that had a groups of white people absolutely beating up on each other in the streets. Then there was a ghostly Dodge absolutely flying through the air in reverse. The newscaster said that the White Supremacists were battling the White Nationalist over a Statue of Robert E Lee. I was of course dumbfounded. Yes it was true, unbelievably the Civil War had come back to life.

Then came all the verbiage, so I will add my own notes to the controversy. First I noticed that the word “General” was not present on the Statue. That would be rightful, because the Confederacy lost and thus Lee would have lost that title. More importantly, Lee also lost his home, it became Arlington National Cemetery. Home of the tomb of the unknown soldier. So Robert E Lee has a place in history, as a loser. That should be noted. I must admit a certain amount of bewilderment that there is actually a statue of a loser.

Second was the ghostly Dodge. A killer in gunmetal gray it recalled the gray color of the rebel confederation. Truly a specter from the past. Flying through the air it recalled another sporty Dodge from the past. It was the star of the “The Dukes of Hazard”. I then realized that the Duke name is the name of someone that I am not supposed to like (I really do not know who David Duke is, but he is a bad person). Then the star of the Show is the “General Lee” obviously a evil confederate that has not come to terms with losing. Then there’s the Rebel Flag on the roof of the car, it is beginning to make sense. Finally the plot, staying ahead of the law. Is the absolute worst of America hiding in plain sight? In Hollywood? My mind then drifted to “Hogan’s Heroes” yes Hollywood embraces evil. Hollywood has painted so many faces of evil that I cannot track them all.

I will end with a simple thought. The first major mechanized war, ended slavery in this country. Sometimes we the people take a step forward, sometimes the media takes a step backwards. There is no real real reason to label and understand groups if you can remember one simple tenet, “Hate is evil”.



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