The New Hampshire Drug Den

I must say when I heard this on the morning news I found it extremely funny. Nobody uses those words. However, if you listen to our local politicians, the drug problem is all they talk about. Our politicians just use different words to talk about the same thing because they are politicians. It is a problem. Yes, there is a drug problem, and the president recognizes it.

The drug problem is not part of my world. So I should not have anything to say about it, but I will. So I will present Bubba’s Solution to the drug problem. First find some guys and gals that are recovering addicts that have old Hyundai’s and a smart phone. Give them all a one week course at the American Red Cross and a backpack of Narcan. Dress up the old Hyundai like a cab with a 800 number so people will know how to get a hold of the Narcan. Every time the Narcan is used, the trained administrator will take a photo with their phone of the person with the Narcan in their arm or leg or whatever. At that point $25 will be credited to the administrators account. If the person receiving the Narcan desires privacy, they can negotiate a price with the administrators. Finally, there is nobody as glad as I, that I am not in charge of anything.

Sherlock Holmes was the last person to use the term “Drug Den” until Trump did. That being said, I would just like to point out that the conversation in question was a private conversation. So my bigger observation is, whenever a private conversation involving Democrats is released, it is a hack. Whenever a private conversation involving Republicans is released, it is a leak. Is this a matter of semantics, or something deeper.


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