200 Days

President Trump, to the dismay of many, has survived his second hundred days. I have to say things are looking better. There are no longer the massive daily protests and violence by those distraught by the outcome of the election. This is a good thing, I do not like violence and protests. Freedom of speech is one thing, violence and disorder is another.

Some critics say President Trump has accomplished nothing so far. I beg to differ, I remember the election as being defined exclusively as a Supreme Court appointment. So if that was the case, President Trump has fulfilled all expectations. I will leave healthcare ramblings for a future post.

The dissatisfied press union has unwisely put all of their eggs of dissatisfaction with the president into the Russian collusion basket. With so many eggs so closely packed they must believe that if just one egg hatches, they believe they will start a proton chain fusion that will wipe out the president. I hope they enjoy Russian Quiche. It is a thing, and it sounds good.

But most of all, I believe that the president enjoys putting his golden foot in his golden mouth. For that reason alone we are blessed, for we get to hear the words of a New York Liberal, unfiltered. Unfiltered words in this day and age, Priceless.


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