The Most Poetic Wall

Words and rhythm that are designed to elicit emotions is Poetry. I am coming to the slow realization that the Trump Wall is actually built with poetry. The wall is much more than bricks and mortar, for other than the relics of the old wall, there is no physical wall.

There has been talk of a a solar wall, or a transparent wall, a pretty wall, but I realized that this wall talk was just talk. However the talk was actually effective as an actual physical wall. Although a wall built with words would not employ many people, it would cost much less build.

I had thought that there would be an actual real wall with an emphasis on “Big Beautiful Gates”. Plainly that will not be. For a wall defined by words is shaped by the speakers of the words. In actuality the effectiveness of the wall built by many can be defined by statistics. Illegal immigration is markedly down.

For better or worse, six months in President Trump has built his wall. I am actually astonished that he built it with words and rhythm, such artistry was unexpected.

Good fences make for good neighbors.


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