The Fascist Bludgeoning of the Resistance

Like medieval trebuchets hurling twirling tired trope, the powerful siege engines called media outlets bludgeon us over and over with repetitions intent of cracking the foundations of liberty. War sells so well, and is profitable for those that profit from this conflict. Yes Virginia, profit from conflict enriches the Media, and by association the Left.

At times this repetitive bludgeoning is alluring, so I too have been seduced, only to awaken vowing never again. This is how trebuchets work, constant geometrically precise repetitive bludgeoning. It is capable of cracking the most solid of foundations. Repetitive misinformation, the effective tool of fascists everywhere. Beware.

Imaginary glory from past times causes tens of thousands to march against reimagined horrors of the past. The reality today is a loss of place and time in exchange for profit in conflict. We have it so very well, especially compared to the horror that some seek to relive. Today the imagery enemy is so miniscule, a crumbling echo of the horror past that once was.

Unlike those who confuse history with current reality, it is good to remember history for what it was. To loose the lessons of history is to repeat the mistakes of the past. It is better to remember, and learn from the lessons the past has taught us. By doing so it becomes apparent that some of our modern day institutions at times emulate the the crumbling institutions of the past.

A segment of our society today has inexplicably embraced one of the more malevolent times of the not so distant past. Terminology of the era is re-employed to bring the horrors of the past back to life. Labels are haphazardly sown to reignite political strife. While warning of a lost empire the same masses seek to reestablish the same failing systems.

Why else would we put up with the reincarnation of the sturmabteilung, a system of control that is completely at odds with our proclaimed society. Most astounding is the immunity this group of self described black clad anarchists and the like receive form the press. What is truly horrific is the support of this group from the police in certain precincts. Then the horrors of their tactics is not to be called out, and in fact ignored by local and national politicians of a failing political party. We are seeing a new political terrorism. This terrorism is the last gasp of failure in an attempt to regain relevancy in this era. This secretive organization has most assuredly a political point of view.

So why I, amongst others dare call them out? Because this horrific party of horrors past is a disembodied relic of a evil that has already been soundly defeated. With no central nervous system the parts of the whole are truly exposed to those that have not been enraptured to the lost cause that has endured defeat.

The fascist bludgeoning we endure from the self-proclaimed resistance is simply the genetic twitching of a failed, and rather evil system. Let us rejoice, and erect new grander statues to a future where such evil labels no longer exist.


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