Billy Beer

Billy_Beer_LogoThought I would say a few words on business and politics. It is a reasonable argument that comes up once and a while. The reality is most politicians are lawyers, and do not run businesses. So the idea of a businessman politician is a bit unusual. I will say that when a politician comes into office relatively poor, and exits the office wildly rich, something is wrong. However, if they leave office with a similar net worth, I see no problem with that. In am not sure how many of the founding fathers were businessmen, but I am sure some of them were.

Jimmy Carter, like some of the founding fathers was a farmer and a scientist. So I think of his peanut farm as a business. As far as I know, his business was unaffected by his time as a politician. I think most would agree with that.

Jimmy’s brother Billy Carter took full advantage of his brother’s political position. I remember that was a bit controversial at the time. Billy put his name on beer. A couple of billion of cans of beer were sold. Unfortunately the beer turned out to be a flop, and the nine millions of cans that remained unsold eventually were melted for scrap. Billy Beer was a thing for a year. 1977 if you’re interested. However you can still buy it on EBay.

I guess the moral is, even if you have an advantage. You have to have a quality product. So that pretty much sums up what would be my opinion of the Trump brand. Of course I have never sampled the Trump brand, my boss hasn’t either. Maybe just maybe some of his more prosperous customers have played on one of the Trump golf courses. Trump is way above my pay grade. My budget is more like Billy Beer. What I will say is Trump employs people to mow his golf courses and build his buildings. To be a success, they have to offer a quality product. They probably drink some beer too.

Now if his family was to open a golf course in Yosemite national park, I would be offended. That would be an unfair advantage.

Although I never sampled Billy Beer, at a different time I might of. Maybe, If things were a bit different Billy Beer would still be a thing. Was it simply a bad product? Or poor marketing, or political backlash. We’re the major beer players miffed and created a negative campaign? Who knows?

So be your glass full of Billy Beer or empty with nothing it is worth raising. Or if your glass half empty or half full of something better, raise it. I propose a toast to our common qualities and the success of all. Cheers.


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