What Happened?

Steal This Book. Channeling the Hoffman ethos I will provide a insightful analysis with the honest disclosure that I have not read the latest blockbuster in political drama.

Her words paint a masterful high definition self portrait in brilliantly stark black and white. These are resolute words distinguishing black from white, without embarrassment to she who understands the meanings of shadowy words. Yes her words of black and white will cause her to be read all over.

Amazingly, I closely personify the subject matter of the authors obsession. Like most glorified obsessions I have been endowed with all sorts of  fanciful abilities and qualities. Unfortunately my perceived talents are far more simple than those ascribed to my self. So sorry to let the readers down.

I have no problem with grandma and apple pie, a visit to grandmother’s house can be so rewarding. Unfortunately all grandmothers are not created equally. So I have already said to much, and thereby proving my guilt I will leave it at that. The truth lies between the covers of the esteemed tome. Weaving between the sentences is justice blindfolded with a balance in her hand. You be the judge.

So this reviewer would like to point out an error in the book, it is a simple error that should be corrected. I only have a problem with a singular error found in the entire book. Clarity will be provided shortly. Mindful of all the fanciful qualities endowed on my self, a simple distaste was forgotten. A distaste for politicians. It is that simple. A distaste that is reinforced by the politicised endowment of all horrid qualities ascribed to self. Such a simple distaste trumps proven politics. That may be a revolutionary thought to some.

What was the mistake in the book? Call me a Nazi if you will, but there is a punctuation error, in the title. For I believe the author still does not understand. So I will fix her proclamation for her, with corrected punctuation. Here shall be the deepest insight into her inner muse unleashed. Thus this is the unconscious statement that was proclaimed to all the world.  What Happened?


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