Mowing The White House Lawn

Unsurprisingly a few of my friends have recently raised the concern of the White Supremacy problem. Such is the power of the media. With one of my friends, after discussing the rates of fire of various weapons, I declared that the White Supremacist problem could be solved with a few minutes and a Gatling Gun.

Now I actually have no clue on how many people self declare themselves as white supremacists. I have read that there is one person down in Keene that fits the description. Personally I have never knowingly met one. Maybe they avoid me because I had black friends as a child. I don’t know, so I decided to ask Google. Google replied that the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified 917 groups of white supremacists, and the 63 Million people that voted for Donald Trump are white supremacists. Still curious, I attempted to find out more about the 917 hate groups. On their website, the SPLC had almost no information about these hate groups. As far as I could tell they only existed because they claimed that they exist. Thank you for your diligence Google. Using your numbers it will take considerably longer than a few minutes with a Gatling Gun to wipe out all the White Supremacists.

I am saddened that Google search results seem to have the same credibility that the fake news at CNN has. For I believe CNN lies to be able to justify violence against those who do not agree with their agenda. MSNBC then celebrates and glorifies the lies and violence against those who do not agree with the CNN approved dogma. Finally NPR recruits those who approve of, and will do violence against those who fail to approve the celebrated dogma and approved agenda. Now Google will prove as fact the celebrated dogma of the approved agenda. There will be next respite.

That brings me to Facebook. Facebook is in trouble because they have not always followed the celebrated dogma and approved agenda. The have allegedly been compromised by the Russians and have passed fake news to the masses.

So I was surprised to see on Facebook a story about a child named Frank that volunteered to mow the White House lawn. Talk about a child after my own heart. There was even a video of Frank pushing a lawn mower right past the president, who actually came out of the White House and was trying to shake Frank’s hand. Frank, who was about ten had made gentle arcs with the mower, arcs that were a contrast to the razor sharp lines that are typical of a seasoned professional mower.

A couple days later I was watching CNN, it is worth keeping up with the lies at times. There in front of the White House was the announcer, his mouth was moving, but I did not hear the words. I was memorized by the White House lawn behind him. Frank had made an impression, there was the truth as plain as day, it’s all about the curve.

(after writing this I checked the CNN website, and they had the story)


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