Rocket Man and the Dotard

I may wish I was a rocket man, though I probably have more than a passing resemblance to a dotard. These resemblances come to me because I write. It is the power of words that raises us above, and provide reflection.

With the power of the word, you are able to judge who is the rocket man and who is the dotard, you may even infer the meanings of the words. Now for my interpretation. Three generations have preparing for the final battle, recently endowed with the power of the atom they believe they are ready. Simple deterrence? Or a prelude? The consequences can be catastrophic.

Prayer. Isaiah 2:4 to be more specific. There is a way out, space tourism. Little Kim-Un could take the road less traveled. A society obsessed with the exploration of space, at peace with the world. Yes, Lil’ Kim, you could be the Rocket Man. With a little work, you could be greater than Musk or Bezos. An aspirational goal for you to pursue, or you may perish the moment you finger touches the button.

In a way, we are all responsible for our own destiny.


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