The Biggest Union Strikes

I am not one hundred percent positive that unions have the best interest of their members at heart. There is a local history of industry shutting down as a result of union greed. One strike too many has ended many a well paying job around here.

The president has never indicated that he was anti union, however his opponent was pro union at all costs. So politically, the unions were in on her behalf. That brings us to the controversy de jour. Football and patriotism. Dressed in racism and freedom of speech I see instead another unspoken conflict, unionism. Or simply one strike too many.

Unhappy with the results of the election, it seems anywhere there is a union allegiance, there is protest. In my view, unfair protest. So I bring up the weekends NFL actions. First disclosure is I personally do not care about football. So I have learned about all these recent events second hand. However I would like to point out that the members of the players union must be amongst the most highly paid union members. Not only that, the NFL is a nationwide union that is the beneficiary of many taxpayer dollars. Many stadiums that they play in are funded by taxpayers that don’t even go to the games. I actually don’t have a problem with that in this case. However, when unions involve themselves in politics it can be inferred that they may be trying to gain an unfair advantage. A politician that accepts union money will probably work on behalf of the union. Unfortunately that is the way crooked politicians work.

Throw down the flag, this demands a review. I believe the NFL involves itself in politics both on and off the field. I will call that two strikes against them. Remember Donald Trump was once involved with the United States Football League. He ended it. The USFL no longer exists because of him. The NFL expects they will not meet the same fate? Yes the flag is a symbol, remember a couple weeks ago.

So has the biggest most powerful union taken on President Trump? Unhappy that their probably corrupt political ambitions have proven unsuccessful, they behave like a children having tantrums. Thus they have unwisely gone on strike with respect to the symbols of the nation. Call it freedom of speech if you like.

Just remember this, One, Two, Three Strikes, and your out of the old ball game.


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