Free Speech? Not in Boston

So a hundred or so people decide to have a free speech rally. The press called them right wingers. The group disavowed hate speech. I checked their website it was as bland as could be. My stuff is much worse. Now I do not know the history of these people. The news did not say. I just don’t care enough to find out. For better or worse the group looked like a nothingburger to me.

Because they were labeled right wingers by the press, tens of thousands marched against them. They had to end their little rally and go into protective custody. So the crowd in instead assaulted some people with Trump gear.

I had no idea what the people had to say, and really don’t care. They were labeled, and forced into silence. Seems to be a bit of a trend these days. The resistance is acting like a one party system, with no tolerance for any other system. If I remember correctly, historically the resistance fought a single party system.

I should look on the bright side though. There was far less violence than some of the past left wing protests. No cars were burned, or police shot.


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