Danger Minefields

Well it seems Trump has stepped in it again, or has he?

Personally I have no opinion on abortion. Never had one, never caused one. Do not know anybody who has said they have had or caused one. Or even heard a story about one. So what is the fuss. However I do understand the reasons behind both sides of the argument, or why people may think the way they do. Having heard the arguments so many times. So I am actually a bit glad Donald J Trump has no strong opinions, just trying to formulate a party line. In fact he has revived plenty of advice, and is modifying his plank accordingly.

Me? I would allow abortions until the age of 18 or 21, or the age of government mandated healthcare for a dependent child. That way if the little rugrat does not do his/her homework, or cause mischief or other unpleasantness, they could be aborted. Threaten to misbehave, wham! Off to the clinic you go.

Of course, I am actually not in charge of anything.


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