I love Grasslands, haying, mowing, turf strips for aircraft. I even like golf, even though I have only played it a few times. However the idea of all that grass is awesome. Donald J Trump, when confronted with a series of attack ads at his golf tournament, changed the subject to grass. He is very proud of his grass, and I am sure, rightly so. It has to be some of the best grass there is. Donald makes sure that the grass is fed and watered, manicured and groomed, stays healthy and vibrant, and earns a decent wage. With sixteen golf courses Donald has a lot of grass under his charge.

Now inhale deeply, and imagine. If you are just a single blade of grass. In a world full of blades of grass. Would you be healthy, growing, and productive. What would it be like? Using a rough calculation, with the aid of Google, I figure that Donald has more blades of grass under his care, then there are people on earth. Now you may exhale. I am just a sucker for green grass. Maybe that is where the term “grassroots” comes from.

I am sure that there are more than a few farmers out there that have grown more green grass than Donald, why do they not run for president?


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