Wiping The Server

The scene opens with a fancy  serving tray filled with a variety of drinks. As the camera slowly pans out you notice that it is being carried by a man in a tux. A large hand offers a cup of coffee as a familiar voice says, “care for a cup of coffee?”. As the tray is carried around the fancy room different drinks are offered. In addition to the first coffee (wake up America) there would be carrot juice, milk, tea (for the partiers), soda and beer(s). Myself, I would have a Tanqueray and Tonic. So the camera pulls back whilst the drinks are being served revealing Donald J Trump in all his glory. At that point  CGI of Hillary Clinton appears and wipes Donald J Trump with a fine cloth. Then the camera comes in for the close up with Donald saying “Make America Great”.

Sure the idea is silly, but if I saw it, I would burst out laughing. Then there could be different ads at different locations, beaches, sporting events, camping. Nobody knows hospitality better than Donald, capitalize on it. Then there is Hillary Clinton wiping down the server. It is of course a play on her home grown server. What a way to make Donald look good.


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