Riding That Train

As the de facto head of the Democrat party, Hillary has control of the largest political organization in the free world. It is many orders of magnitude larger than the Trump political machine.

Gravy is the power of the Democrat machine. A little bit of gravy here, a little bit of gravy there, it is the grease of the of the Gravy Train. Hillary ladles out the gravy for votes, a mighty machine it is. Donate a little money, get some gravy. Gravy for the poor, remember who to vote for. Gravy for the Unions, remember come elections. Can’t we all get aboard the Gravy Train?

So what powers the newly minted Trump Train? Enterprise and hard work. So instead of waiting for the Gravy Train to pull into the station, the Trumpkins built their own train. It came about after the realization that there is no more gravy. Without gravy there is no Gravy Train. So what makes gravy? Enterprise and hard work. Yes jobs, people need jobs. Jobs that society can afford. That is what the Trump Train is to me.

So as we watch the slow self destruction of the Gravy Train, the Trump Train powers on, because it can. It is that simple.


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