Shape Shifters

So who is the true hero of the Trump campaign? The media! They are throwing off their shackles of the last fifty years. No longer are they laying prostrate before their liberal establishment overlords. The media are the true revolutionaries climbing aboard the Trump Train. Sure it took dissatisfied voters to raise the alarm, however it is the media that gives the dissatisfied a voice, and a new course. So where is the Trump Train going? To a Greater America. ( Just a note, America is Great. The slogan to Make America Great Again is for the dissatisfied that do not think America is great ). So can you find a greater engineer in America? You can not. Proven and successful you can not find a greater leader. Nobody trusts politicians any more. The only way politicians create support is with a gravy train, and the gravy is running out. Sure, there are richer, more powerful, and more successful business men than Donald J Trump. However none have a greater stake on their good name. None.


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