Blessed are the Bloodied at Berkeley

I drove past the local village green this last weekend and the usual protesters with their their homemade signs were there. Tired looking they seemed a rather discordant sight in an otherwise vibrant community. I wondered if they would be accepting of a guy with a factory printed Trump sign who just wanted to talk. I didn’t think too long, for I had places to go, things to do and people to meet. Most Trump supporters would like to do more to support the president, but standing around and holding a sign? There are more important things that need to be done. I did not need to incite confrontation.

Easter Sunday I turned on the news and saw a group of Trump supporters in Berkeley being beaten by men dressed in black. This is the third time in three months that this has happened in Berkley. It has also happened in other places. For those that say this is a rare and isolated event, I beg to differ. Although I have not been bloodied by political violence, I have experienced anti Trump violence and hate. I believe it has been both professional and amateur, and I was nowhere near Berkeley. So if I had decided to stop and have a simple political chat with the protesters, how long would it be before some more professional type protesters showed up? At least this time the police made some arrests in Berkeley. I think that is a first.

As a person that wants nothing to do with violence, why would I be a Trump supporter? Honestly, it’s much safer to be a Trump supporter than to be involved in the opioid crisis. It’s probably safer than a lot of things I could do. After careful consideration I believe President Trump is doing the right thing, so I like others want to support him. I just like doing other things more than protesting.

So bless the men and women who go out on the streets to support President Trump, I applaud you. I cannot blame you for defending yourselves. I pray for your safety. Finally I deplore all those who promote violence in the streets.


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