Rules For Snowflakes


A snowflake is a beautiful and unique thing. A fragile hexagonal crystal composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen is arguably essential for life. With my less than adequate artistic skills I tried to replicate a picture of a snowflake on the blue tennis ball above. The blue tennis ball represents a drop of water that has turned into a snowflake. You probably have a better representation of a snowflake on the air conditioning button in your car.

Why should the billionaires have all the fun? The President has sixteen golf courses, I can barely play the game. So many people cannot afford to play golf, or have the talent to do so. So I have decided to invent a new game that can be played by all.

If there are too many snowflakes in the world, life grinds to a halt. Think a blizzard mucks things up? So it has become time time to move the snowflakes. People use shovels, plows and snowblowers. I am going to use the golf club, see it? It’s going to be a new game, called Bubbatrump.

So in the picture there is the snowflake ball, the golf club, and a hat. What is the hat for you may ask? Simple, the guy, or gal, wearing the hat makes the rules. I will say that the fewest strokes to the windmill wins. The winner then gets to wear the hat. Then a new set of rules! Of course the winner cannot make the game unplayable, can they?



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