Golden Shackles of Fascism

To say that I have been disappointed by my favorite media commentators would be a severe understatement. So for some time I have been searching for a new political commentator.

I will admit that there are external influences on the media. The right is influenced by the Koch brothers, the left is influenced Soros clan. Those are just a couple of the big players. There are so many others. Like most people I don’t have the time or inclination to truly understand them all. On occasion something will pique my interest, and I will dig deeper. It is from these excavations that I build the foundations that support the creations that are my opinions.

When it comes to political commentary I am open to opinion, then I would like to hear a reasonable supportive argument. In other words I am open to some bias to a point of view, in fact I enjoy it for the sake of dialogue. What I cannot cotton is blatant misinformation. When I have done my due diligence, built my point of view, and find it directly countered by blatant misinformation, I care no longer for the commentary.

So much political commentary is bound by the golden shackles of self serving fascism. The vast majority of commentators are elitist. Little did I realize, that all the commentators that I used to listen to were slaves. Slaves figuratively bound with what appears to be the highly adored diamond encrusted shackles of gold that represented their absolute fidelity to the fascism of the daily talking points of Alice Travis Germond. I have since opened up my eyes and encompass other views.

So today I enjoy the deeply cynical, and somewhat ambivalent political commentary of Greg Gutfeld. He may not represent my point of view, but he does not directly contradict it.


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