More Bling!

20170410_180100Well, I am not really comfortable with lots of bling, but I gave it a try. Of course I have the completely over the top Bubbatrump Hat. Then to deflect all the liberal slings and arrows I have the Trump shield. It is vaguely gear like in shape. This is because I like machines, and like to define things with Science Technology Engineering and Math, or STEM. Something that I would like to see more of in education. Finally the weapon of choice, the golf club. I would be happy if the wars of the future are fought on the golf course. I selected the 4 and the 5 irons because Trump is the 45th president.


2 thoughts on “More Bling!

  1. In actuality we are all immigrants, however my family was here before the war. They did provide me with a New York education though. The plaid cloth is to distinguish Scottish warriors. In reality, I have no idea what clan the blue plaid represents.


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