Globalism and the Flag

Noticed Hillary Clinton was not wearing an American Flag pin when she gave her acceptance speech. As usual she was very well dressed, but no pin. Usually politicians wear flag pin as a symbol of their country. I am wondering that if you believe in Globalism you do not wear a flag pin. There may be some symbolism in there.

Interestingly Hillary described Donald Trump as a globalist with manufacturing facilities around the world. Donald also has Towers and resorts around the world. So I would consider Donald a globalist.

The Clintons have their Global Initiative Foundation, so they are also globalist.

Globalism has its pros and cons, with globalisation your more likely to pledge your allegiance to a multinational corporation. The corporations are then able to move internationally to resource Labour, material and customers.

Because Donald J Trump is running for president of the United States he wears a little American Flag Pin. I do not know if there are any rules or edict about wearing pins, but I noticed Hillary’s omission.


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