Elizabeth Warren

Well, I like her name. She starts off by thanking Bernie, she then goes off on Donald, and calls Hillary a fighter. Then she tells us how great she is. Now she is worried? It’s not right she says. Finally the economic disparity speech! Now she complains about Washington. Then calls Democrats fighters and winners. Now she is complaining about Republicans and Democrats. But really it is all the Republicans fault, and the people are coming for you.

More Donald bashing, so OK I have heard this story oh so many times. Same stories over and over again. So what should I believe in, what future do you want? What are your ideas? How do you want to be measured by, any successes you would want to share with your audience? If we did not have Donald J Trump who would you bash. So Elizabeth, how many tall buildings do you have your name on? I type slow, but I will continue to type as long as you bash Donald.

Now we’re on racial hatred, Trump is again a racist! I am sure the black people that Donald fought for will agree!

We’re with Her for for dignity, and Hillary will fight the oil companies. Break up big banks. No more bad trade deals. Finally get big money out of politics.

The audience is on its feet.



Michelle Obama

Admittedly a superhero. She begins by complaining about the stress of her position. Then goes off on Donald.  Finally she brings the crowds to their feet by praising Hillary as one that doesn’t get angry, or quit.

Michelle then said she wakes up in a house built by slaves, is that true?

In conclusion she says get to work, get out the vote!


Just wanted to say, when I met Donald J Trump Jr, there was an autistic person there. It was a small group of people, so I talked to everyone. Even the autistic one. He was well dressed and polite, and I do not know why he was there. However he was definitely there because Donald J Trump was there. A lot of attention has been paid to two seconds of indiscretion.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, I have seen some of my liberal friends spend more than two seconds engaged in mockery. Actually I have seen my conservative friends do the same. Oh the humanity.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Saw my Senator Jeanne Shaheen speak at the DNC convention. I personally find her unremarkable, although she has also served as Governor of New Hampshire. I was a bit surprised to hear her say how bad drug addiction has become during the last four years, typically you say how things have gotten better under your administration. She says things are getting worse, and then she said that Donald Trump has no plan to combat the growing drug problem.

I beg to Differ, Trump’s plan is to stop drugs at the border. Thought everyone knew that plan. Personally I do not know how many illegal drugs come over the border, however I do know that some do. Is it the right plan? Maybe, maybe not. But it is a plan.

Another oddity, the first few speakers all were drug addicts. Personally I do not want a bunch of addicts leading the country.

Happy Birthday BubbaTrump

Bubbatrump.com is one year old today. What a trip it has been. As predicted, Donald J Trump leads in the polls. No, it’s not over yet. Trump is only in the lead because of the Republican convention bump, the Democrat convention has just started, and there are debates down the road. It is more than three months to the election.

However, it has been an interesting journey. I have paid more attention to politics than I usually do. It has not always been pleasant. I have met and talked to people directly involved in politics, and that has been interesting and insightful. I have been astonished by people’s reactions to my interest in politics.

Most interesting is media bias! I really started this blog for two reasons. One was that I do not seem to agree with any editorial outlook from any branch of the media. I am somewhat dumbfounded to be labelled a Trumpkin, and assigned all sorts of personality traits that I do not possess. I do however admit to fitting the prime demographic of a Trump supporter.

The other reason for this blog was a tribute to my father’s interest in political activism. I think my father was at least an order of magnitude more interested in politics than I. Unfortunately I did not agree with all of my father’s activism, however I supported his right to express them.

Finally you have a right to express yourself, however you do not have a right to harm or censure. Most importantly the ends do not justify the means, elections are the method that we select our government. We’re all neighbors, this blog is an attempt of civil discourse.


The DNC Wall

Seems the DNC has built a four mile long wall around the DNC convention hall. It is reportedly eight feet high.

What is it, some sort of art installation? Or is it just to keep out American citizens? Or could it be what walls are for, keeping out bad people? Or is it the other way around, a means to keep the delegates inside. Anyway it’s a wall. The anti wall people built a wall. Wondering if the mainstream media will mention the wall?

Citizen Kaine

So I see Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine as her vice-president. Never heard of the guy, so I listen to him. This is totally unlike a Democrats response to a Republicans choice, they would have a canned response ready to go. Always negative. So I listen, he may be vice-president. So what does he say? Tim Kaine wants comprehensive immigration reform, with a path to citizenship. Then he repeats it in Spanish.

What??? With the big scandal of Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech you would think that Hillary Clinton’s vice-president Tim Kaine would not plagiarize Donald J Trump’s acceptance speech. Then you would think that if anyone would know Donald J Trump’s speech it would be the Hispanics.

Let me note that neither candidate offered specifics, so there may be differences in implementation. However such specifics are not discussed, just allegations. So really Citizen Kaine just blatantly plagiarized Donald Trump, and the media did not call him on it. In fact they praised him.

You wonder why I don’t like the media?

Klinton Korruption

In the spirit of Kalifornia Kustoms, where the boring and bland are made beautiful and extravagant I produced the preceding headline. Klinton Korruption is so well known that it escapes media notice. Like a gray Camry the Korruption escapes notice.  So in homage to Gorge Barris I attempt to give Klinton Korruption the uniqueness that it deserves.

The Klinton kampaign is allegedly one third financed by Saudi Arabia. I would imagine another third is financed by Wall street, the final third by Hollywood and their Unions. For them, it is money well spent.

Then there is the Klinton foundation. It may do many good things, but I am unaware of them. I do understand that the foundation lowered the cost of malaria medicine to the poor, and may have provided peanuts to the Haitians. But that is about it. I do know that the foundation allows the Clintons, for the last twenty years, to travel and act like royalty. Talk about the need for term limits.

For the rest of us, we are either compliant, or rebels that need to be silenced. Unfortunately the media is in on the game, it has caused me to think that Klinton Korruption will prevail. I, however shall not give in.

America’s Salesman

Of course I stayed up late and watched Donald’s acceptance speech. As most were I was surprised by its length. Honestly I enjoyed all the balloons at the end, it was a great visual. That being said my thoughts during the speech were, how is the media going to spin this. Donald laid out a series of faults of American society and finance. Sort of a punch list of things that need to be solved. He tried hard to make sure that the list was based upon factual metrics. I presume this was so his performance could be judged sometime in the future.

The media spun the speech as “dark”. I am impressed how fast the media comes to a consensus. Real monolithic thought it is. No diversity of thought in the media. Hillary is already is being cast as safe and boring. We are better off if you vote for her says the media.

Although he has done so in the past, Donald did not attack the media. He has to play to them. I thought he was playing himself as America’s Salesman on the world’s stage. As a sample of his style he offered up his family and friends. They spoke of his character. His organization as an example of his results. Interestingly, he did not play up his role as an outsider, coming in to clean up the mess. Though clearly he is.

Donald did come across as a bit angry, but all the candidates seem angry. Angry people seem to get all the attention. Maybe that’s one of our national problems.