Bill Clinton

Well I have got to say, compared to the people who spoke before him, Bill talks a good story. I guess that when you can get people to hand you piles of cash, you can tell a good story. Did Bill just say that we have to help the small towns? ¬†Now it’s a laundry list of Hillary’s accomplishments, which of course is only natural.

Seems Hillary has helped people with aids in Africa as Secretary of State. Oh, by the way, Republicans live in a world of make believe.

Hillary is going to give you a ride that you won’t believe.

Finally Bill says to support the people in blue. It is about time.


Joe Sweeney

Something I could understand, simply and sweet endorsement. Hillary helped with the care of 9/11 first responders. It was her job, and she did it. Just too bad Bill missed Bin Laden when he had a chance to get him.

Still more stories of sadness.

Day II of the DNC

Well, I may watch a movie a year. So I don’t always follow what the plot is. I am having the same problem tonight. It seems that we live in a world of injustice and social services. That is what I am hearing. I find it very hard to comment on that.

I can understand the Trump bashing, as Hillary was soundly thrashed during the Republicans convention. The difference is Hillary has a record of public service, and it is not impeccable. Trump has a world famous public brand, and it’s had its ups and downs.

Candidates are fair game for their opponents. We get to choose who we prefer.

Elizabeth Warren

Well, I like her name. She starts off by thanking Bernie, she then goes off on Donald, and calls Hillary a fighter. Then she tells us how great she is. Now she is worried? It’s not right she says. Finally the economic disparity speech! Now she complains about Washington. Then calls Democrats fighters and winners. Now she is complaining about Republicans and Democrats. But really it is all the Republicans fault, and the people are coming for you.

More Donald bashing, so OK I have heard this story oh so many times. Same stories over and over again. So what should I believe in, what future do you want? What are your ideas? How do you want to be measured by, any successes you would want to share with your audience? If we did not have Donald J Trump who would you bash. So Elizabeth, how many tall buildings do you have your name on? I type slow, but I will continue to type as long as you bash Donald.

Now we’re on racial hatred, Trump is again a racist! I am sure the black people that Donald fought for will agree!

We’re with Her for for dignity, and Hillary will fight the oil companies. Break up big banks. No more bad trade deals. Finally get big money out of politics.

The audience is on its feet.



Michelle Obama

Admittedly a superhero. She begins by complaining about the stress of her position. Then goes off on Donald. ¬†Finally she brings the crowds to their feet by praising Hillary as one that doesn’t get angry, or quit.

Michelle then said she wakes up in a house built by slaves, is that true?

In conclusion she says get to work, get out the vote!


Just wanted to say, when I met Donald J Trump Jr, there was an autistic person there. It was a small group of people, so I talked to everyone. Even the autistic one. He was well dressed and polite, and I do not know why he was there. However he was definitely there because Donald J Trump was there. A lot of attention has been paid to two seconds of indiscretion.

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, I have seen some of my liberal friends spend more than two seconds engaged in mockery. Actually I have seen my conservative friends do the same. Oh the humanity.