America’s Salesman

Of course I stayed up late and watched Donald’s acceptance speech. As most were I was surprised by its length. Honestly I enjoyed all the balloons at the end, it was a great visual. That being said my thoughts during the speech were, how is the media going to spin this. Donald laid out a series of faults of American society and finance. Sort of a punch list of things that need to be solved. He tried hard to make sure that the list was based upon factual metrics. I presume this was so his performance could be judged sometime in the future.

The media spun the speech as “dark”. I am impressed how fast the media comes to a consensus. Real monolithic thought it is. No diversity of thought in the media. Hillary is already is being cast as safe and boring. We are better off if you vote for her says the media.

Although he has done so in the past, Donald did not attack the media. He has to play to them. I thought he was playing himself as America’s Salesman on the world’s stage. As a sample of his style he offered up his family and friends. They spoke of his character. His organization as an example of his results. Interestingly, he did not play up his role as an outsider, coming in to clean up the mess. Though clearly he is.

Donald did come across as a bit angry, but all the candidates seem angry. Angry people seem to get all the attention. Maybe that’s one of our national problems.


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