Klinton Korruption

In the spirit of Kalifornia Kustoms, where the boring and bland are made beautiful and extravagant I produced the preceding headline. Klinton Korruption is so well known that it escapes media notice. Like a gray Camry the Korruption escapes notice.  So in homage to Gorge Barris I attempt to give Klinton Korruption the uniqueness that it deserves.

The Klinton kampaign is allegedly one third financed by Saudi Arabia. I would imagine another third is financed by Wall street, the final third by Hollywood and their Unions. For them, it is money well spent.

Then there is the Klinton foundation. It may do many good things, but I am unaware of them. I do understand that the foundation lowered the cost of malaria medicine to the poor, and may have provided peanuts to the Haitians. But that is about it. I do know that the foundation allows the Clintons, for the last twenty years, to travel and act like royalty. Talk about the need for term limits.

For the rest of us, we are either compliant, or rebels that need to be silenced. Unfortunately the media is in on the game, it has caused me to think that Klinton Korruption will prevail. I, however shall not give in.


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