Citizen Kaine

So I see Hillary Clinton picks Tim Kaine as her vice-president. Never heard of the guy, so I listen to him. This is totally unlike a Democrats response to a Republicans choice, they would have a canned response ready to go. Always negative. So I listen, he may be vice-president. So what does he say? Tim Kaine wants comprehensive immigration reform, with a path to citizenship. Then he repeats it in Spanish.

What??? With the big scandal of Melania Trump plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech you would think that Hillary Clinton’s vice-president Tim Kaine would not plagiarize Donald J Trump’s acceptance speech. Then you would think that if anyone would know Donald J Trump’s speech it would be the Hispanics.

Let me note that neither candidate offered specifics, so there may be differences in implementation. However such specifics are not discussed, just allegations. So really Citizen Kaine just blatantly plagiarized Donald Trump, and the media did not call him on it. In fact they praised him.

You wonder why I don’t like the media?


One thought on “Citizen Kaine

  1. So fed up with Melania Trump plagiarizing, didn’t happen it was just both she an Michelle using the same tired old cliches. Problem is, the liberal media are so poorly educated that they don’t recognize bad writing when they see it.


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