Pouring Sheetrock

The handshake was of that of man who knew how to get the job done, and I was not disappointed. I have had the good fortune to chat with Donald Jr, and was impressed back then. Today the bases were never more loaded politically, and Donald J Trump Jr knocked it out of the park. My favorite moment was the smile when he flubbed pouring concrete and hanging sheetrock. How many people know that pouring sheetrock is just really fast verbiage from a man that has much to say.

It will be interesting to see how the media spins Donald J Trump Jr. As far as I am concerned, he exceeded already high expectations. Cheers!

An Amazing Privilege

Melania Trump strikes a fine note when she says it is an amazing privilege to be a citizen of these United States. She followed up with Donald’s vision of a nation of inclusion. With kindness love and compassion, Melania knocks it out of the park.

Golf Courses

If it were not for people like Donald Trump building fine golf courses, where would people like Barack Obama go to play golf?

As for the Vice President pick tomorrow, it will be the right choice.

Kent State and Dallas

The tragic events at Kent State 46 years ago defined an era of protests. Protesters chants of one two three four we don’t want your f#ing war, and pigs off campus, were cut down by government bullets. I believe the recent events in Dallas are equally disturbing.  Protesters chanting black lives matter, and enough is enough. Then the bullets of a protester cut down those who serve and protect.

I find these events disturbing.


Black Jobs Matter

So is this the answer? I do not know, but I would think so. Is a lot better slogan than the other. So what would I want? How about a USA made Prince Hall Tuxedo. I think the styling would be impeccable.