Kent State and Dallas

The tragic events at Kent State 46 years ago defined an era of protests. Protesters chants of one two three four we don’t want your f#ing war, and pigs off campus, were cut down by government bullets. I believe the recent events in Dallas are equally disturbing.  Protesters chanting black lives matter, and enough is enough. Then the bullets of a protester cut down those who serve and protect.

I find these events disturbing.



2 thoughts on “Kent State and Dallas

  1. Kent State disturbing indeed. The image of that girl standing over her just shot friend was and is burned into my brain forever; but the issue then was protesting against drafting a whole generation of young men to fight and die in foreign jungles. Today’s protesters are a bunch of make-believe students enjoying politically correct hypersensitivity, admittedly aggravated by over aggressive cop shootings but the core issue of anti war vs: free tuition just doesn’t compare. By the way, the individual shooter’s motivation was neither. He was motivated by anger for having been punished for his own individual misconduct.


  2. I agree, two whole different matters. The first is governmental oppression, the second is governmental capitulation. I was not a demonstrator at the time, however I was very concerned about the draft.


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