Happy Birthday BubbaTrump

Bubbatrump.com is one year old today. What a trip it has been. As predicted, Donald J Trump leads in the polls. No, it’s not over yet. Trump is only in the lead because of the Republican convention bump, the Democrat convention has just started, and there are debates down the road. It is more than three months to the election.

However, it has been an interesting journey. I have paid more attention to politics than I usually do. It has not always been pleasant. I have met and talked to people directly involved in politics, and that has been interesting and insightful. I have been astonished by people’s reactions to my interest in politics.

Most interesting is media bias! I really started this blog for two reasons. One was that I do not seem to agree with any editorial outlook from any branch of the media. I am somewhat dumbfounded to be labelled a Trumpkin, and assigned all sorts of personality traits that I do not possess. I do however admit to fitting the prime demographic of a Trump supporter.

The other reason for this blog was a tribute to my father’s interest in political activism. I think my father was at least an order of magnitude more interested in politics than I. Unfortunately I did not agree with all of my father’s activism, however I supported his right to express them.

Finally you have a right to express yourself, however you do not have a right to harm or censure. Most importantly the ends do not justify the means, elections are the method that we select our government. We’re all neighbors, this blog is an attempt of civil discourse.



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