Elizabeth Warren

Well, I like her name. She starts off by thanking Bernie, she then goes off on Donald, and calls Hillary a fighter. Then she tells us how great she is. Now she is worried? It’s not right she says. Finally the economic disparity speech! Now she complains about Washington. Then calls Democrats fighters and winners. Now she is complaining about Republicans and Democrats. But really it is all the Republicans fault, and the people are coming for you.

More Donald bashing, so OK I have heard this story oh so many times. Same stories over and over again. So what should I believe in, what future do you want? What are your ideas? How do you want to be measured by, any successes you would want to share with your audience? If we did not have Donald J Trump who would you bash. So Elizabeth, how many tall buildings do you have your name on? I type slow, but I will continue to type as long as you bash Donald.

Now we’re on racial hatred, Trump is again a racist! I am sure the black people that Donald fought for will agree!

We’re with Her for for dignity, and Hillary will fight the oil companies. Break up big banks. No more bad trade deals. Finally get big money out of politics.

The audience is on its feet.




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