Alt-Left Vs Alt-Right

I really consider myself a pragmatic centrist. Others may view me differently. The first time I heard the term Alt-Right was when Hillary was describing Trump supporters. They weren’t normal conservatives she said. They actively support Donald J Trump for president she said derisively. I figured she must be talking about people like me. Then she said that some of them even have websites (I think she mentioned 20,000), wow I thought I am a real insignificant Trump supporter. Then she said that she was going to do something about it. I will admit surprise when the traffic to my website immediately dropped. As time went on Hillary, and others said worse and worse things about people like me. As I was curious about politics, I had got a little involved with the Trump campaign and put up a few signs. I was sure not to call anybody bad names, nor tell anyone how to vote. That is my nature. I met a whole bunch of active Trump supporters and not a one was as Hillary, or the Media described.

Recently I looked up the origins of Alt-Right and found that there was a group of sarcastic bigots that coined the term. They did not hide their biased bigotry and were not much of an organization, basically just a bunch of cads. So now I know where the term came from.

This week President Trump used the term Alt-Left. They are the people that beat up the people that are labeled Alt-Right. There is a group of people that harass and beat up people that are labeled Alt-Right. Or more precisely beat up overt Trump supporters, and others who are not Alt-Left. This is a very large reason that people do not publicly support the president. However, they still vote.

So far the Media does not acknowledge the existence of the Alt-Left as a political force, this is because the Alt-Left is in part, a creation of the Media. At least that is my view. So once again I applaud the president for calling it as he sees it. I rather doubt the term Alt-Left will go mainstream, as they are part of it. But at least, it is now a term.

As the Media condemns the Alt-Right, I condemn the Alt-Left. I feel that they are much worse. I give this point to the president. I feel safe in doing so because almost nobody reads this blog anyway. Thank you Hillary.


Mueller’s Mulligan

Although the final report is not out, conventional wisdom is that Mueller swung and missed. The net result was Trump had sold a few overpriced homes and the like and made a tidy profit. It is what he does.

Au contraire mon frere. Mueller actually scored a hole in one. Let me explain, the win is what we don’t know. I had naively thought the investigation would be about fake news, reportedly from Russia. For example, I had seen a Facebook story about a Iranian nuclear scientist. A scientist that had been put to death because he had been compromised by Hillary’s server. As their was no evidence that Hillary’s server was compromised, this must have been fake news, or so I thought.

I also saw a Russian story that Bernie Sanders was suing the DNC about paying Australian agitators to rough up New Hampshire Trump supporters. There were even links to legal documents. I was tempted to believe the story, as I personally had been “roughed up” still the sources were from Russia, so it had to be “Fake News”. What was real, and what wasn’t? I would like to have found out.

So I was happy when they said that there would be an investigation into the fake Russian news, I would be happy with the truth. Unfortunately nothing (so far) has come from the investigation. Mueller packed the investigation wIth Democrat party loyalists, some folks expected an indictment, others expected false charges, so far a nothingburger. Rumors indicate the sales of a few homes and condos, but that is it. The Democrats have successfully changed the national debate to Racism. Russia is so yesterday. So it has become, what investigation? For the Democrats, it is a mighty success for what has not come out. What I thought was fake news, is probably true. If it was actually fake, we would have known it was fake by now.

So by deduction, Hillary’s server was probably compromised causing death to some of our agents. And worse, the DNC pays to physically attack it opponents. The implications are troubling, and worse, I have to give the point to the Democrats once again.

Heather Heyer

I probably would have agreed with everything Heather Heyer believed in and stood for. I saw here parents on TV and am truly sorry for their loss. They are good people in troubling times.

As I found the images on TV of the “White Supremacists and the White Nationalist” fighting over a old statue somewhat unbelievable, so I started looking for images of the day. White Supremacists, in my mind, are such a tiny part of our society I was bewildered by the deadly event, and wanted to learn more. I thought I might count flags, like I do campaign signs, I am nerdy like that. What I found was a carefully curated images of small groups of people, and that deadly car. At the most I could find four flags in one image. I was unable to find a picture of the larger event.

The largest group of people in an image was of the tiki torch parade of the previous evening. If it wasn’t for the disturbing association with the Nazi Crystal Night, a tiki torch parade looks like fun. I could see how someone would be a part of that not knowing what the association was. There was reportedly no damages involved with the parade. The marchers reportedly chanted “blood and soil” and “we will not be replaced” I saw a couple of articles on the Nazi symbolism of the chants.

My first thought about the violence of the following day was, why don’t they throw these nuts in jail? It was a very good question, reportedly the police were told to stand down. Additionally, unreported in my local news was the involvement of assorted counter protesters. I saw many Black Lives Matter signs surrounding the White Nationalist.

Jason Kessler, the organizer of the event was a disaffected Obama supporter. Sadly he chose to rally together a small group of disaffected whites and organize a public event. An event that would end in tragedy.

I will give credit for political strategy when I see it. It has become quite obvious that the Trump Russia connection has not materialised. After six months of intensive investigation there is nothing more to show than a few sales of overpriced condos and homes to some Russians. The net result of the sales was to bring some money from overseas, and give some Americans some jobs. What were the Democrats to do next? They needed to change the agenda. Unfortunately they knew an opportunity when they saw one. It would be that sorry rally by some of societies losers. To set the trap, they brought in counter protesters and had the police stand down. What would have been a footnote about some sorry protesters would now become national news. As Wile E. Coyote would say, the plan was genius. They would have a moving image of what at one time was the worst of America. The coupe d’etat would be to claim that President Trump supported the white protesters. For he loves us all, that includes the worst of us.

I watched as President Trump condemned the violence by the White Supremacists and others. I watched as President Trump said that there was good and bad on both the left and the right. Something that I thought was the most honest thing a president has said in years. Then I watched as a newscaster immediately said that President Trump was incapable of saying the words White Supremacists and that the president supports racism. With almost complete control of the Media the Democrats would change the agenda from Russia to Racism. Something that really comes around full circle to prove me right. As I have said many times before, the Democrats are genetically incapable of anything other than racist hate.

I am so sorry that the poor girl had to die, the image of the car hitting the crowd defined the day. Hate is such an evil thing. The winner of the battle of that dreadful day goes to the Democrats and their allies. They have changed the agenda on their terms. Unfortunately the war of ideology continues on. I look forward to the day the Democrat Party is replaced with something better.


General Lee – The Ghost Of The Gray

I was at a local talent show Saturday with a couple hundred people in attendance. The closing act was a group of Civil War reenactors. They had the crowd singing civil war era camp songs. It was truly a hearty rendition of the emotions of a very hard era in our country’s history. For this nation, the Civil War created more trauma than all the other wars in our history combined. In my view it was the first mechanized conflict in history. It was a conflict that ended, in this nation, the social order of slavery. It is a conflict that at times seems forgotten.

I was surprised that when I returned home after a long day that I saw a bit of news that had a groups of white people absolutely beating up on each other in the streets. Then there was a ghostly Dodge absolutely flying through the air in reverse. The newscaster said that the White Supremacists were battling the White Nationalist over a Statue of Robert E Lee. I was of course dumbfounded. Yes it was true, unbelievably the Civil War had come back to life.

Then came all the verbiage, so I will add my own notes to the controversy. First I noticed that the word “General” was not present on the Statue. That would be rightful, because the Confederacy lost and thus Lee would have lost that title. More importantly, Lee also lost his home, it became Arlington National Cemetery. Home of the tomb of the unknown soldier. So Robert E Lee has a place in history, as a loser. That should be noted. I must admit a certain amount of bewilderment that there is actually a statue of a loser.

Second was the ghostly Dodge. A killer in gunmetal gray it recalled the gray color of the rebel confederation. Truly a specter from the past. Flying through the air it recalled another sporty Dodge from the past. It was the star of the “The Dukes of Hazard”. I then realized that the Duke name is the name of someone that I am not supposed to like (I really do not know who David Duke is, but he is a bad person). Then the star of the Show is the “General Lee” obviously a evil confederate that has not come to terms with losing. Then there’s the Rebel Flag on the roof of the car, it is beginning to make sense. Finally the plot, staying ahead of the law. Is the absolute worst of America hiding in plain sight? In Hollywood? My mind then drifted to “Hogan’s Heroes” yes Hollywood embraces evil. Hollywood has painted so many faces of evil that I cannot track them all.

I will end with a simple thought. The first major mechanized war, ended slavery in this country. Sometimes we the people take a step forward, sometimes the media takes a step backwards. There is no real real reason to label and understand groups if you can remember one simple tenet, “Hate is evil”.


The New Hampshire Drug Den

I must say when I heard this on the morning news I found it extremely funny. Nobody uses those words. However, if you listen to our local politicians, the drug problem is all they talk about. Our politicians just use different words to talk about the same thing because they are politicians. It is a problem. Yes, there is a drug problem, and the president recognizes it.

The drug problem is not part of my world. So I should not have anything to say about it, but I will. So I will present Bubba’s Solution to the drug problem. First find some guys and gals that are recovering addicts that have old Hyundai’s and a smart phone. Give them all a one week course at the American Red Cross and a backpack of Narcan. Dress up the old Hyundai like a cab with a 800 number so people will know how to get a hold of the Narcan. Every time the Narcan is used, the trained administrator will take a photo with their phone of the person with the Narcan in their arm or leg or whatever. At that point $25 will be credited to the administrators account. If the person receiving the Narcan desires privacy, they can negotiate a price with the administrators. Finally, there is nobody as glad as I, that I am not in charge of anything.

Sherlock Holmes was the last person to use the term “Drug Den” until Trump did. That being said, I would just like to point out that the conversation in question was a private conversation. So my bigger observation is, whenever a private conversation involving Democrats is released, it is a hack. Whenever a private conversation involving Republicans is released, it is a leak. Is this a matter of semantics, or something deeper.

200 Days

President Trump, to the dismay of many, has survived his second hundred days. I have to say things are looking better. There are no longer the massive daily protests and violence by those distraught by the outcome of the election. This is a good thing, I do not like violence and protests. Freedom of speech is one thing, violence and disorder is another.

Some critics say President Trump has accomplished nothing so far. I beg to differ, I remember the election as being defined exclusively as a Supreme Court appointment. So if that was the case, President Trump has fulfilled all expectations. I will leave healthcare ramblings for a future post.

The dissatisfied press union has unwisely put all of their eggs of dissatisfaction with the president into the Russian collusion basket. With so many eggs so closely packed they must believe that if just one egg hatches, they believe they will start a proton chain fusion that will wipe out the president. I hope they enjoy Russian Quiche. It is a thing, and it sounds good.

But most of all, I believe that the president enjoys putting his golden foot in his golden mouth. For that reason alone we are blessed, for we get to hear the words of a New York Liberal, unfiltered. Unfiltered words in this day and age, Priceless.

The Most Poetic Wall

Words and rhythm that are designed to elicit emotions is Poetry. I am coming to the slow realization that the Trump Wall is actually built with poetry. The wall is much more than bricks and mortar, for other than the relics of the old wall, there is no physical wall.

There has been talk of a a solar wall, or a transparent wall, a pretty wall, but I realized that this wall talk was just talk. However the talk was actually effective as an actual physical wall. Although a wall built with words would not employ many people, it would cost much less build.

I had thought that there would be an actual real wall with an emphasis on “Big Beautiful Gates”. Plainly that will not be. For a wall defined by words is shaped by the speakers of the words. In actuality the effectiveness of the wall built by many can be defined by statistics. Illegal immigration is markedly down.

For better or worse, six months in President Trump has built his wall. I am actually astonished that he built it with words and rhythm, such artistry was unexpected.

Good fences make for good neighbors.