A Belief in God

A belief in God is a personal thing. A person has a right to believe in a god of their choice, or not to believe at all. God comes in many descriptors, or interpretations. My view is that we all have the same God. We just live under different interpretations. Our mere existence is proof of my affirmation of the creator.

One may, or may not make a public affirmation of their God. Or, call for the help of God. Some people frequently invoke the name of God, and other people rarely invoke the name of God. Why do I say this? We say many things, sometimes we say things in sarcasm. Taken out of context, I know some things that I say could be used against me. So when it comes to investigations, words out of context should be examined carefully. Politically using words out of context is all to common.

Recently there has been great importance given to a few words out of many. I am speaking of the text messages of FBI agent Strzok. He is quite prolific texting. I have to wonder if somewhere in his many texts there are alternative words of balance. For when I say something that is a bit drastic, I typically counterbalance the words in an alternative paragraph. I would expect someone to point them out if they existed. Interesting that today the words that define the political landscape invoke the name of God. I must admit that they are a pretty definitive affirmation of belief.

Agent Strzok invokes God’s name to declare that I, and others like me are incapable of reasonable thought, or are of substandard mentality. I am OK with that, as I reserve the right to do the same. Although juvenile, speech is free.

There is a problem when the name of God is invoked to justify the the removal of my legal rights as a citizen. In fact, collusion and obstruction of justice are not justified by any reason to remove anyone’s rights as a citizen.

I have to wonder if the proof of God is part of our DNA.


Check Mate

I, and those like me may be amongst the most despised. My thoughts, are said to be the most deplorable of thoughts. My intelligence, I am continually reminded, is sub par. Some of these are things that I may actually agree with.

That being said, President Trump is the leader of a more harmonious world. Are things perfect, no. However historically speaking, yes. Over and over, former antagonists are cooperating for the betterment of the world.

A couple of years ago a number of people asked what is it like to witness the demise of a major political party. I thought I knew the answer when I demurely replied “which party”. However I was wrong, the reality of a lost party is an awful thing. I was unprepared for the reactions. The agony of of snowflakes melting into a muddy reality. A media obsessed with the avoidance of the truth. Politicians unconcerned about those they serve. Such things expose the ugly DNA of a party in demise.

Of course the party isn’t over yet. There is still an election or two to go. If I am wrong I will be more than happy to issue a Mea Culpa. Something some folks are unable to do.

I am not the best at chess, I am just reading the writing on the wall.

The Stormy and Dark Knight

As much as I would like to ignore the background noise of politics I cannot escape hearing about Trump’s Stormy Knight. What a waste of time. Talk about hair brained nincompoop ideas for news stories.

For once upon a time a self proclaimed king, and a self proclaimed queen had a chance encounter. They exchanged pleasantries and memorialized the the encounter with a digital rendering. Business as usual. Move along.

It is my guess that there may have been a moist moment at the sound of the shutter, a random thought to be saved as an antidote for a latter day. Nothing unusual at all, till the lawyers become involved.  I have no idea why they became involved, but involved they became. Somehow what was an innocent moment become a matter of profit. Seems to be a specialty of the law trade. One lawyer two lawyers, three lawyers, more. As silly as that seems, that was just the beginning. Why should the lawyers have all the fun? Welcome to the media circus. Now the fun has just begun. The money has become exponential, and the truth is nowhere to be found.

With all that is going on in the world, why do people talk about the stormy knight? Random people in random places, I never bring up politics. I just write about it here. Overall life is good, I do not complain. So why do I hear about such an inconsequential moment, and it’s implied meaning?

Was it just the work of a Dark Knight? A Dark Knight that encompassed all that is evil? Hate, corruption, greed, slander. Unfortunately a Dark Knight can ride unimpeded on many paths. Don’t let him ride on yours.

The circle is complete, it was a dark and stormy knight.

Chain Migration?

I really question the wisdom of some of our legislators. I did watch the SOTU last week. What a partisan showcase! I was surprised when the legislators booed when the president stated that he wanted to end chain migration.

Chain migration brings to mind old wooden sailing ships with holds filled with people shackled in chains being brought to a foreign land to be sold into slavery. An actual definition of the word deplorable is brought to mind. Isn’t chain migration what started all these problems?

In today’s age that is not what chain migration is about. From what I understand it is the ability to emigrate by knowing somebody, or better yet being related to someone. So someone can get someone to come in and do the dirty work, or hand over half the benefits. Nothing like slavery at all. Truly it seems to be the union way.

The president wants to replace chain migration with merit biased migration. Whatever. All I really ask is they be able to use a toilet. I really have no interest in the finer points. Other people are going to work out the rules anyway.

Then after the speech Faux News shows a clip of President Bill Clinton saying that he would end chain migration. So President Trump was just restating one of President Clinton’s objectives, and the Dems booed? No wonder the Republicans thought Trump was a Democrat when he ran. He has advocated Democrat goals on multiple occasions,, and they have always opposed their own goals when he expresses them.

So this is what the government shutdown is going to be all about? The party is doomed.

New Hampshire Trees Win With Regulators

I was dismayed to find out that New Hampshire Regulators voted against clean hydroelectric power. True the power would have come from Canada and would be used in Massachusetts. However the power grid is interdependent, and problems and costs in Massachusetts would be reflected here in New Hampshire. A substation in Franklin would have provided New Hampshire with clean electrical energy.

As a believer in electric cars and transportation. It is logical that cheap clean electrical energy would help encourage the transition. The decision against clean inexpensive power saddened me.

Ostensibly the decision was to save trees and tourism. We should practice conservation the regulators say. What we will end up doing is burning more American coal. Nuclear power is being replaced with coal in New England. It is just the way it is. Shuttered coal plants are coming back on line as other forms of energy are legislated away. At least the trees are happy. Coal makes Co2, and trees love Co2. The regulators were right about that.

I am sure the price of electricity will now go up. A vibrant economy is the result of low cost energy. High energy costs are a drag on the economy. I am sure Amazon is looking for a new headquarters someplace other than a place with high energy costs.

In actuality, stupid moves by regulators make the market go down. Look what happened last Thursday. Some regulators don’t like winning, and it shows. Personally I see a direct linkage.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Untrusting of the media and our elected government, I, as millions of others, voted for a revolutionary. We voted well.

Let’s make up a sliding scale of revolutionaries, Che Guevara on one end and Mahatma Gandhi on the other end. Obviously one was successful and one wasn’t. However both were memorable and iconic. Now I propose that we place the most memorable American revolutionary, George Washington, smack in the middle. I haven’t labeled a left or a right, and that is intentional. The scale is really about the success of violence in revolution. I invite you to place your favorite revolutionary on the scale. I shall place our current revolutionary midway betwixt Washington and Gandhi. You’re welcome to your own opinions.

How did so many agree on one? We listened to his words. Yes, his words. Hundreds of millions do not believe the words of the media, and the parties. For their words are often hateful and filtered with self serving corruption. So if at all possible, listen with an open mind. Yes, our revolutionary has a tendency to repeat himself, so just a few hours of listening will provide a good understanding. Then you can go back to your business. Yes the big wheels turn slow, politics is a boring business.

Unhappily the Democrats have declared a war to the death of a party. Coexistence has no place in their ideology. It will be a battle settled in the voting both this November. So with that in mind everything is just posturing till then. Personally I am looking forward to the “October Surprises” I have already been guessing on some of them. What is briefly mentioned in the news today will become front page coverage in October.

What is cool, today, our revolutionary will try and broker a compromise. We will see what happens. I personally enjoy a two party system, it may or may not survive. I see too much evidence of violence on one side. Others see it too. That is what the revolution is about. My opinion is compromise, or be obliterated.

That is a Latin phrase on top, I won’t make you look up the translation.

“The Thing Speaks For Itself”


Before today I had not mentioned the following events to any soul. Today, because of some publicised current events I will tell the story of something that had a disturbing effect on me.

Just before sundown on February 21st, 1016 the following events took place. Inspired by Bernie Sanders I had embarked on a journey to look for America. It was just before the Vermont Primary and I had decided to take the Trump Truck to the Vermont state capital Montpellier to take a selfish. A simple and harmless thing. I had written about this earlier in this blog, when I also mentioned that someone tried to run me off the road.

As I used to listen to Vermont Public Radio I knew that they had urged their listeners to “leave their moral restraint behind” to demonstrate against Trump supporters. So I had come to expect the middle finger from assorted NPR liberals, I however considered myself to be morally superior by simply returning a thumbs up and a smile. Love you all.

So when in front of the State House I was not surprised to see a man in a van give me an angry look, he then spun around in his seat and grabbed something behind him. He then spun around again and aimed the thing at me, I was about to get shot. I nervously smiled and gave him the thumbs up. Fortunately it was a camera with a large telephoto lens. I think he wished he had more than that. Most people take a picture of the big Trump sign in the back of the Trump Truck, this was the first time that someone took a picture of the driver. Then on the other side of the road I see a man furiously texting away. These people did not look very friendly so I made for the highway. Within minutes a late model black Honda Accord sedan with four goons in it collectively gave me the finger and tried to run me off the road. I suspected the incidents were related.

Someplace there is a high resolution picture of a smiling me giving the thumbs up taken in front of the Vermont State House. So probably in an Antifa post office there is a picture of me down low on their most wanted list. I must wonder if they have a facial recognition system in case I wonder of the reservation. Then again there is recorded someplace a text written in the afternoon of February 21st, 2016 in Montpellier Vermont. It might even be in some sort of searchable database. Something that would be of interest to a congressional investigation. That same day four people in a black Honda Accord sedan did something wrong. One of them may talk.

They were effective at the time, I did not go back to Vermont in the Trump Truck, in fact I sharply curtailed my plans with it. I only speak now because there may be an investigation into anti Trump texting. I do believe there is a good chance of a massive anti Trump conspiracy, a conspiracy that for me started on the steps of the State House.

I use the hash tag because any threat of violence and coercion is wrong. Be your own judge.