Lessons Learned

I probably will not get involved in politics again, even when I became involved I thought it would be a one shot deal. Involvement in one campaign and see what it was like. For the experience and to do what I thought was right.

The results were not what I expected. The experience has left me changed. We as a nation are at war with ourselves. I do not know if it will get worse, or how bad it will get. Proceed with caution.

Be wary of people with strong political beliefs, their political views will affect their actions. They may not do nice things. Demonization precludes discourse. Voices will not be heard. Sad. As a figurative analogy, have you noticed that when some people when they walk into a room they will rip off your head and poop down the hole. Then they expect you to like it. You really have only a couple.of choices. Nod and agree, or leave the room. Or if you are really sophisticated, you make them believe what you believe.

On a practical side, do not give money to any campaign. They will simply ask for more. I gave a couple of bucks just to say that I am on your side, and now it seems that they have spent more than I gave just to ask for more. Sure ask me once a month or so, however don’t ask three times a day. You won’t get any.

Personally I think that it is OK to support the candidate of your choice. In my mind it is not OK to demonize the opposition. Yet that particular methodology has been shown to be highly effective. Violence in the streets has been shown to be effective. Sad but true, Trump supporters are happy just to wave a flag of support. That is in comparison to the Democrat support of Juneteenth. A holiday that is celebrated by killing blacks and burning their businesses. That is not a holiday that I want to celebrate.I

Yet the biggest lesson learned is, to stay away from politics.


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