Slipped a Mickey

When I started this journey I listened to NPR and watched CNN and MSNBC. They said older white working males would support the entrepreneurial Trump for president. Sounded like a good idea, so I went to listen to the man. He spoke of love, a big beautiful gate, and jobs. He had my support. I also discovered the entrepreneurial Trump had support from many people that were not older white working males. In fact I was a minority amongst his supporters.

Now I occasionally watch OAN and read Canada Free Press. The American electorate was slipped a Micky. It is quite obvious. Even alleged Biden supporters do not support Biden. The best that could be said is they support unions. That’s it. It was not said that Trump was anti union either, what they said was much worse, and not true. Yah, they slipped the electorate a Mickey.

Now it’s the morning after. Groggy with Coranavirus, not really sure what happened, we assess the situation. The robbery is evident. Yet who and why, not so much. The people with the great wall know the value of bribing the gatekeeper. Yet there is also evidence of an inside job, selfish greed as a motivating factor. Coordinated theft is conspiracy, conspiracy to overthrow is treason. The stakes are high.

So what to do next? I’m not sure. Groggy is my state of mind. Suspicions are not evidence, or proof. Yet, we know it is probably the truth. My suggestion, fasten your seat belts. The chickens will come home to roost.


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