Just want to say a few words about Tesla, the man, the car and Musk. Nicholas Tesla was a great inventor that changed the way everybody lives. He had a great and beneficial effect on society. Edison may have invented the light bulb, but Tesla invented the power grid. We may no longer use the Edison bulb, but we all use AC electricity.

Edison and Tesla lived in an era of great scientific achievement. With the exception of the computer, we have left that era. Sure we have evolution, cars are better than they were fifty years ago. Satellites are much better than they were fifty years ago. Computers are much much better than fifty years ago. But what revolutionary changes have we had in the last fifty years?

Recently the great scientific debates have been defined by consensus rather than empirical data. Unfortunately that is because of politics, and money.

Speaking of money, may I mention Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. They are bringing the space race back. Each is trying to build a better rocket than the other. Sure they may be trying to reinvent the wheel, but our government has failed to advance the scientific achievements of exploration. Be it space or otherwise. For whatever reason our government has given up on scientific exploration.

Unfortunately I have a political aversion to imported oil. I gotta give Elon Musk great credit for the Tesla car. As an homage to a great man and the possibility of a semi revolutionary change in transportation. Of course I want to take it a step further.

Electric personal aircraft. That is my vision of a scientific revolution. Of course I may be way off base. But that is my version of greatness.


2 thoughts on “Tesla

  1. Given everything we know about energy storage electric airplanes seem like pie-in-the-sky but personal transportation is getting less and less important with everybody being in constant contact via cellphone.


  2. Hi Ernie,
    When you consider the weight of the engine and the fuel source, Electric has a greater energy density for short duration of time. In other words, for a flight time of less than an hour, an electric propulsion system would weigh less than gas. Batteries may weigh twenty times the weight of gas, but electric motors weigh one twentieth the weight of a gas motor.


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