Is it time for a change? Once I argued passionately, against conservative and liberal friends that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. I couldn’t understand why liberal and conservative agreed on such a preposterous idea.

However the realization that, for whatever the reason, we were to go to war. I argued once again that we would have to stay there for at least a generation. Like Germany, that was once was a mess. It would take a generation to forget the hatred. In fact I theorized that we could reduce troops in Germany.

Of course no one listened to me. Sadly the one’s I argued with are gone, so I can not say I told you so. In reality, history just plays itself out. I am just one of a hundred and thirty million votes. It is the voice of the vote that makes change, or expresses content with the status quo.

Funny how Co2 has fell off the radar this election season. I hardly hear it mentioned at all. However my vote has about as much effect on the outcome of the election as the amount of carbon added to the atmosphere this year.


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