A Globalist Utopia

What is utopia to a globalist? I have been trying to figure it out.  Searching on Google brought disturbing results. Bing didn’t much better. The closest I could get as a result was Gorbachev’s State Of The World Forum. Something that somewhat morphed into the Clinton Global Initiative. So I am at a bit of a loss of what the endgame would be. Cap and trade? Free and open borders? A cure for AIDS?

We are familiar with the sixties Hippie Utopia. It would be a commune where we would live naturally with the earth. I would think that a Globalist Utopia would be the antithesis of the hippie movement. Globalism is the rule by a corporate world. At least that is my view. If you were part of the corporation, life would be good. Maybe.

Corporations do not necessarily treat their people well. So how would we be in a corporate ruled world? Sure corporations provide services, but you need customers too. Could corporations live in a Gorbachev defined socialist state? They seem mutually exclusive. Also George Soros efforts to expand globalization seem downright baffling to me.

So I am hoping someone can explain what paradise would be like for a globalist.


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