It Is Not Lost

It is not lost on me that Hillarys collapse occurred at the scene of Americas greatest and most tragic collapse. I am wondering if this the precursor of a dramatic collapse of her campaign.

Hillarys surrogates replaced her on the campaign trail, and immediately suggested that Trump is unelectable because a recent survey showed that sixty percent of Americans believe Donald J Trump is a racist and sexist.

My view is Hillary has spent hundreds of millions of large donations from special interest groups and foreign governments to untruthfully convince the American public that her opponent is a racist and sexist.

It is not working, despite being massively outspent, Donalds support is growing. The lies of Hillary campaign and massive special interest funding are not working. Her support is collapsing. As she has collapsed, in dramatic fashion.

In the globalist world, Donald is a peon. Unworthy of any social standing. However the current corpulent and corrupt regime, held in place by the proletarian guard of our biased media is beginning to collapse in a most dramatic fashion. The wordsmiths are sharpening their words, the opticians are focusing their optics. Soon the bumbling Claudius will be emperor. Life was good under Claudius, hopefully we will have a better successor.


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