Keeping The Ghosts Happy


I put some Trump signs in the trunk of the Miata, and proceeded to drive around and put up the signs. I have learned that you can only put the signs up on State roads. So I decided to only put the signs up at the intersections of State roads. Additionally, I would only put the signs up where there were other political signs. I really do not want to offend anyone. I just want to play the game and support the candidate of my choice.

A couple of days later, I drive by and the the Trump sign was gone. This is not unusual for Trump signs. I wonder if I’m wasting Donald Trumps money by putting up signs that disappear. Then I remember why I’m doing this, I am trying to do what is right. My dad and his friends used to remove the the opposition signage. For them the ends justified the means. I applauded his interest and activism, and urged fair play. However removing the opposition signage gave them joy.

I am doing this because of my father, by putting signs up that will be removed will keep the ghosts happy. Of course I disagree, that’s why I will continue to put the signs up.


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