My man Don Jr made a statistical comment about Skittles that made the national media. At first thought it reminded me of a earlier post that I made about M&M’s. Read my comment and think ill of me. There are certain similarities between the comments. Don Jr added a statistical probability that I had not included in my post. Now in most cases people will disagree about probabilities. So the probability opens up room for discussion.

Don Sr, has added some rather logical (in my opinion) comments in saying that he would employ the Israeli method of probability control. Now I am no expert in immigration control, and I may not even agree with the Israeli method, but this is an opening for discussion.

I do remember reading about some Syrian refugees that were seeking asylum in this country. They even had Republican support for their request. However their request was denied by the administration. The reason was they were Christian. The logic of the administration was that all religions should be allowed, otherwise none would be allowed.

I actually reviewed the statistical probability of Skittles, and I am glad to say that there is an excellent probability that there are no nuts in Skittles.



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