Debate Night Reflections


Have been watching some of the reviews of the debate. None were like my simple observation. So I would like to add a couple other points before my reflections. I thought it was significant that Donald said he would not use first strike of nuclear weapons. The other point was Donald agreed with with Hillary on a number of occasions.

Full disclosure, I listened to or watched CNN, MSNBC, FOX, NPR, WMUR, WSJ, Drudge, Facebook for fifteen minutes or more. Usually most of of these news sources repeat themselves after fifteen minutes or so. The majority of news sources said Secretary Clinton won the debate. Donald had flubbed on a number issues, from sniffling to being a misogynist. Essentially Trump’s baggage was gone through with a fine tooth comb. Hillary’s, rather substantial baggage, was ignored.

So now I understand her smugness, she managed to set the agenda for the debate. Everything from the questions to the fact checking. No fact checking on the National Debt, Donald’s main point. No mention of racism, Hillary’s significant point.

I watched the entire event, the people in the photo above can attest to that. No mention of Globalism, what I believe is Hillary’s agenda. How is this better for us than Nationalism? Nationalism is what Donald is trying to sell us, and it does seem to set the agenda, until today. Now Hillary is the winner. So many issues have been skipped. The media has set the agenda. Trump will go the way of Bernie. We can now anoint the Queen. However I have one more question that is important to me, how can Hillary justify using paid operatives to attack fellow Americans? Both NPR and Drudge report Hillary uses paid operatives to attack Trump supporters. Two opposite ends of the media spectrum agree on one thing. I have personally experienced paid attacks. I commented in the WSJ and Hillary’s paid operative said they want me institutionalized. For this and other reasons, my opinion is Hillary is the candidate of hate.

That is why I believe that Hillary Rodham Clinton is totally unqualified to be President. I raise my glass to Donald J Trump for taking her on.

By the way, that is me in the Trump shirt.


One thought on “Debate Night Reflections

  1. So good to put a face to the vice Bubba. I had attended a couple of Cindy’s earlier events but not doing so now due to declining health. I too watched the whole “debate” but came away thinking nobody won unless we’re choosing our president based upon sniffing or smirking skills. My reaction is to devote my limited efforts to saving the ‘R” majority in both houses and our state legislature to best defend against the superficiality of either candidate. Can’t imagine either one, if they carry out the crap they’re selling, having more than a single term.


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